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Recent Releases from NAIMA

NAIMA applauds the intent of Ontario Long-Term Energy Plan for energy efficiency and conservation

Published Tue, 23 Nov 2010 11:54:45 EST Read More

Media Release (Toronto, ON, November 23, 2010) Today, the province of Ontario, through the Minister of Energy Brad Duguid, tabled the Long–Term Energy Plan (LTEP). “The LTEP is an important step in advancing renewable energy, encouraging energy conservation, creating and supporting green jobs and Ontario’s growing green economy. Industry looks to government for long term plans so they can make commitments to jobs and investments,” stated Stephen Koch, Executive Direc...... Click here to read this release

Government suspends Eco-Energy Rebate Program

Published Wed, 31 Mar 2010 13:26:53 EST Read More

Government suspends Eco-Energy Rebate Program (Ottawa, March 31, 2010) The federal government has suspended the Eco-Energy Retrofit Homes Program. After identifying that the program would be available to March 2011, Ottawa announced today that it would no longer accept applications to book pre-retrofit evaluations as midnight on March 31, 2010. This means that anyone who has not already booked an evaluation is no longer eligible for a rebate. The program provided homeowners w...... Click here to read this release

How Ontario consumers benefit from home energy audits proposed in Green Energy Act

Published Mon, 20 Apr 2009 09:12:46 EST Read More

Interview Opportunity – Home Energy Audits The benefits to Ontario consumers of the proposed home energy audits in the Green Energy Act (Bill 150) currently before the Ontario Legislature Who: Stephen Koch, Executive Director of NAIMA Canada, representing a majority of fiber insulation manufacturers in Canada What: Mr. Koch can provide commentary on: • How the proposed home energy audits will benefit both home sellers and buyers • The benefits of a manda...... Click here to read this release

NAIMA hails Green Energy Act as an important step towards a green economy

Published Mon, 23 Feb 2009 11:10:45 EST Read More

Media Release Ontario government unveils Canada's first Green Energy Act NAIMA hails legislation as an important step towards a green economy (Toronto, ON, February 23, 2009) Today, the province of Ontario tabled its first Green Energy Act. The legislation is aimed at building renewable energy, encouraging energy conservation and creating green jobs in Ontario. The Act will invest in a green economy and create an estimated 50,000 jobs over the next three years. O...... Click here to read this release

Insulating yourself against energy costs

Published Tue, 21 Oct 2008 06:23:59 EST Read More

Insulating yourself against energy costs Now is the time to upgrade your home insulation With a Canadian winter right around the corner, it is time again to make sure you're ready. Ensuring you have the proper draft proofing and the right amount of insulation in your home remains one of the best things you can do for the environment and your wallet. Inadequate insulation is one of the main reasons why the average home can lose up to 50 percent of its energy. By adding insu...... Click here to read this release